Making Sphagnum Moss Planters

We have a wonderful garden center (well actually two, I think one is owned by the mother and the other by the daughter). I love to go and look at all their pots and how they plant and design each one. This season they have these wonderful iron planters that are rusty with chippy paint and this wonderful moss is drooping out holding beautiful plants!! Well, I have some iron planters…not as cool as theirs…but I had to have this moss. So Anna, the owner of Little Red Riding Hood Nursery gave me the scoop on how to do it!!! The moss is called sphagnum moss and it actually can hold up to 20 times its dry weight in water. It is amazing. I wish I had pictures from her stores, their planters have been watered so much that the moss droops out and has changed colors!!

If you are interested in making some planters be sure and buy LONG FIBER SPHAGNUM MOSS at your local garden center or online. It takes quite a bit depending on what you are making. I bought the 2 cubic bale and went back and bought a small package, I filled 1 large long planter and 3 round planters.

Here we go…..

1.  Soak your moss for about an hour in a large container. I put mine in a trash can and filled it with water to the top. It says to wear gloves when working with the moss..oops I didn’t!

    2.  While it was soaking, I lined the bottom of my iron planter with chicken wire. You can use screen mesh or anything like that.

    3.  Next, put on your gloves and grab a handful of moss, squeeze all the water out of it and start packing it on the bottom of your planter. Continue doing this by handfuls going up the sides. I did it fairly thick on the bottom. Be sure and go all the way up the sides, even over the top some. I didn’t do this the first time and had to try to add more after adding soil.

    See…I should have gone all the way up past the top!

    4.  Now once it is packed, add your potting soil and begin placing your plants!!!!!! I didn’t really believe it would work!! I thought when I put the soil and plants inside and watered everything would fall out the bottom. But no!!! It held and after watering just a dribble of water fell to the ground!!!!

    That’s it!! How easy!!!

    I am sure I am the only one that is new to the moss thing but it was sooo much fun!!!!!!

    Happy gardening!!!!



    Phew..we have been busy!

    We have been really busy around here! We decided it was time to do a little updating. This kind of updating is not as fun as new paint and furniture but it needed to be done. Our door handles and  knobs were all gold, our faucets and bath fixtures gold and silver, and our ceiling fans were white with gold. So we ordered all new and have been busy changing out knobs and door handles, hiring plumbers, and waiting! Our shower door, fans and bath lighting are still not in!

    New kitchen knobs

    Door handles



    Roman tub faucets

    By the way, oil rubbed bronze spray paint is amazing!

    We had to use it on our pocket door handles because they don’t make them anymore. No one would ever know we sprayed them…

    Of course I thought I had to have a new picture! I am really into botanicals!

    As you know, when you start one project it leads to another.

    Our TV room holds 2 leather chairs, 1 side chair and our antique bar. I have wanted seating for at least 4 in here forever. After searching and searching I finally found 2 chairs that didn’t overwhelm the room.  I found these at Grandin Road and I think it makes the room lighter and more open. Since I love gardening so much, I just totally went with the garden theme….now I call it the Garden room…LOL.

    Sorry about the glare...

    Then I had to plant something!!! It is still a little too early here to plant yet…we are expecting a freeze later this week. So I planted some herbs in little pots I painted with chalkboard paint and even had to plant some lavender. The house smells so good!

    I love this little beverage stand..I use it for everything...except beverages!!!

    We are almost done and hopefully I can get to my true passion soon…..Gardening!!

    Hopefully the wind will stop blowing long enough for me to get started soon!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful week!!


    A little Spring in my step….

    The last few days I have been under the weather with some kind of bug. I actually went to the doctor and he frankly had no idea what I had other than just something that is going around. So today I am feeling a little better but (under orders from my hubby) should not over do it.  So I thought I would share my little “spring up” I did to my house last week during another unusual snow day in West Texas!

    It really was beautiful...

    I started with my antique bar and added gardening books and some green bottles and flowers.

    Then moved to the coffee table and used gardening books again and an outdoor vase with white hydrangeas.

    Added this vase (that my daughter really wanted but kindly let me buy) to my fireplace mantle.

    A couple of bright pillows……a little nest…

    Moved some things around and added a vase or two…

    …added a burlap runner…

    I think this pot should be cream or white… the sun is out…think I feel like painting a little.

    What do you think? I can paint it brown again this fall….

    Oh and I moved it to my kitchen island from my dining…should I distress? I couldn’t decide.

    …and finally my new favorite thing.  My hubby gave me $$ for my birthday and I bought this great clock!

    I love, love, love it but have honestly had a hard time finding a place to put it in my house.

    So goodbye Blues was past time….

    It is supposed to be in the 60’s for the rest of the week here so everyone especially my sweet little Mai…GET WELL!!!!

    Farm Town

    DSCF5196For those of you that didn’t all ready know….I am a farmer’s daughter. So it would make sense that I like to dig in the dirt. I love growing things. The weird thing is that I am also addicted to Farm Town. Yes! I am on Facebook! Seriously folks, I am addicted! My hubby and I get up 4-5 days a week at the crack of dawn to leave for the gym by 6:30 am. ( Are you impressed?) Every morning I am on the computer and hubby says, “are you going to be ready by 6:30? What are you doing, planting or harvesting?”  “No, I am harvesting someone elses crops, give me just a minute!” Ok, I know I am strange but what can I say?

    Anyway, here at my house I have my own little Farm Town and it is harder work but lots more satisfying. Things are doing great even without much rain. My hubby says my plants are chemically dependent on Miracle Grow!

    Look how big my tomatoes already are?

    Look how big my tomatoes already are!







    I even have a cat on my Farm Town!

    By the way, I would love to have a brown dog, squirrel, banana tree, llama and goat on my farm. Won’t you, won’t you, won’t you be my neighbor? Ok, I need an intervention…..but wait until I get to level 15 and can buy more land and then a house and a silo and plant pumpkins and………………..

    Going Green!

    Since early January I have been ready for spring! So here are few easy and simple (and budget wise) things I did to bring “green” into my home. Makes me smile!

    Wheat grass...grows 3" a day!

    Wheat grass...grows 3" a day!

    Wheat grass...and parsley

    Wheat grass...and parsley




    Little green eggs...from my fav store..TJMax

    Little green eggs...

    Inexpensive green pillows

    Inexpensive green pillows from my guest bedroom....

    A few green apples..

    A few green apples..

    I am babying these until warm enough to plant

    I am babying these until warm enough to plant

    and yes my hubbys is already mowing!

    Talk about going green! Let the mowing begin!