I Am Wrinkle Free ;-)

I can’t believe it but my summer is over….like in a flash, suddenly it is FALL!! Time flies! My head is so full of things….well except for brains! Seriously, I don’t sleep thinking of what I need to do, what I want to do, worrying about what we should do…..so on and on. Anyway, my sweet daughters house has been under construction for months after her underground pipes collapsed and it has consumed most of the summer. For some before/after pics go here. She is amazing, I seriously could not have lived through it with 2 babies!

So now I must share a couple of awesome, money-saving ideas with you! My hubby when not at the office lives in t-shirts. He has tons of them and I like things to look crisp and ironed but HATE to iron and won’t iron a t-shirt. I have for years used….without using the actual product name (goodness, don’t want to get in trouble!) a great product that you spray on called [name brand goes here] Wrinkle Releaser. We have looked and looked and no one here carries it anymore. I went online and found it but it is so expensive. Like $10 a bottle. Sooooooo…..yes…I MADE MY OWN!!!!!  It is wonderful…better that the real deal. So here is the recipe.  I know you thought I had NO facial wrinkles….I wish!

Spray bottle (33 oz or so) Use less softener for smaller bottle

1/4 cup fabric softener (I used Snuggle exhilarations blue iris and bamboo silk, and no I don’t think they would get upset… considering)

Warm water

That’s it! Put aprox. 1/4 cup in bottle & fill with warm tap water, shake it up! AMAZING!!!

I take the t-shirts out of the dryer, hang, spray, pull. They look so good. I also use it on my shirts. Plus, it is wonderful to give your house a fresh, clean scent. We have our house for sale and I spray it in the closets (actually on the clothes), on the bath rugs & bedspreads before showing. It smells clean and who wants to go into someones closet and smell sweaty tennis shoes??? So, there is my hint and it is so cheap!

Next hint: WD-40 for stainless steel. Yes!!! It makes stainless steel refrigerators, sinks, etc beautiful! Seriously, WD-40!!!! Just spray and rub with a cloth. If you are nervous just spray on a soft cloth and apply. It’s scary but go ahead…try it!

So you all knew this already, RIGHT? I am just slow?????




3 thoughts on “I Am Wrinkle Free ;-)

  1. I was hoping you found a miracle for these face wrinkles……..but this sounds like a fun formula …I have never heard of this either…….so I am slower than you apparently……..

  2. Hey long lost friend ! Tracye contacted my husband (Tom) via email. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to reconnect. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. The tortilla soup sounds yummy. I can’t wait to try it. We’ll connect soon.

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