Making Sphagnum Moss Planters

We have a wonderful garden center (well actually two, I think one is owned by the mother and the other by the daughter). I love to go and look at all their pots and how they plant and design each one. This season they have these wonderful iron planters that are rusty with chippy paint and this wonderful moss is drooping out holding beautiful plants!! Well, I have some iron planters…not as cool as theirs…but I had to have this moss. So Anna, the owner of Little Red Riding Hood Nursery gave me the scoop on how to do it!!! The moss is called sphagnum moss and it actually can hold up to 20 times its dry weight in water. It is amazing. I wish I had pictures from her stores, their planters have been watered so much that the moss droops out and has changed colors!!

If you are interested in making some planters be sure and buy LONG FIBER SPHAGNUM MOSS at your local garden center or online. It takes quite a bit depending on what you are making. I bought the 2 cubic bale and went back and bought a small package, I filled 1 large long planter and 3 round planters.

Here we go…..

1.  Soak your moss for about an hour in a large container. I put mine in a trash can and filled it with water to the top. It says to wear gloves when working with the moss..oops I didn’t!

    2.  While it was soaking, I lined the bottom of my iron planter with chicken wire. You can use screen mesh or anything like that.

    3.  Next, put on your gloves and grab a handful of moss, squeeze all the water out of it and start packing it on the bottom of your planter. Continue doing this by handfuls going up the sides. I did it fairly thick on the bottom. Be sure and go all the way up the sides, even over the top some. I didn’t do this the first time and had to try to add more after adding soil.

    See…I should have gone all the way up past the top!

    4.  Now once it is packed, add your potting soil and begin placing your plants!!!!!! I didn’t really believe it would work!! I thought when I put the soil and plants inside and watered everything would fall out the bottom. But no!!! It held and after watering just a dribble of water fell to the ground!!!!

    That’s it!! How easy!!!

    I am sure I am the only one that is new to the moss thing but it was sooo much fun!!!!!!

    Happy gardening!!!!



    2 thoughts on “Making Sphagnum Moss Planters

    1. How cool! I will have to try! I would love to see what it looks like when the moss starts to droop. Does it resemble spanish moss that hangs from trees? I LOVE that look! You’ll have to update us after the moss has drooped.

    2. thanks for the tutorial …I have always wondered how they did this…you did a great job…love your flowers.

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