What are little boys made of?

Isn’t my little grandson precious???

He is adorable but he is all boy. We found them in the garden after the Easter egg hunt having a dirt fight and eating the dirt.

I have to mention that we JUST added manure to the garden on Saturday!!!!

Boys will be boys!

This one….doesn’t like dirt, she likes pretty things….

“Sugar and spice and all things nice…..”

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!!!


3 thoughts on “What are little boys made of?

  1. boys are so much fun, aren’t they? so different from girls! i was watering my flowers tonight, and i turned the faucet on and sprayed the water into my watering can. the noise scared poor DD, and she ran away. Now Luke on the other hand…he always wants me to squirt him with the water. 🙂
    Your grandbabies look beautiful:) dirt and all!

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