Blogger “Newbie”

So I am basically a blogger newbie. I blog for myself (and maybe) for the few people that venture onto my site.  I have no great aspirations of being a BIG blogger.  I have just loved my little blog and quite honestly rarely ever checked my blog traffic.  Honestly, I was quite shocked when I did.  I understand that there is blog etiquette and I have tried to follow it but I know I have made some mistakes.  Recently, I posted a picture and several friends and family made comments.  I found the picture at Houzz and after reading the rules understood that I could use it.  However, I offended the owner, deleted it and asked for forgiveness.  Every picture I have posted was used because they are just so darn beautiful! Now with this being said, and I reiterate, I am a newbie….this blog world is really insane! Who could give a flip about my little blog…it is not a drip of water in an ocean of blogs. I seriously decided to just stop blogging but you know what…this is my little blog, it makes me happy and if no one reads it but me that is just fine. I will truly understand.  I just read a great blog called Hey, Jealousy: Every Blogger Was a Newbie Once at Blogher and it was great! I don’t think it really pertains to me but it is a great read. So I plan to continue on my little blogging journey and try to not step on toes. . . whoever they may be.

So it is the first day of spring here and we awoke to snow and wind! Are you kidding??? Time for sun and planting!

Til next time friends and to those who read that I don’t know, thanks for stopping in!!



10 thoughts on “Blogger “Newbie”

  1. Don’t post it online, if you don’t want people to use it. You did nothing wrong. And, though hers was a beautiful room, white is still over-rated.

  2. oh my goodness….someone got upset over that? people are way too sensitive. honestly. i agree with summer, if you don’t want people to post it, give their opinion on it, comment on it…don’t put it out there.
    keep on blogging. i like to read your stuff!

  3. Wow some people take this way tooooo serious! I guess you can have egos involved in everything! I love your blog and you know it is just plain fun!!
    Keep enjoying yourself and sharing with us.

  4. I understand your desire to enjoy blogging… I started my blog mainly because it was something new to learn how to do, and just enjoy putting words to my thoughts. I also want my children to get to know me as a woman and not just mom. I don’t even think they read me, but I hope one day they will read what I thought and felt about life, raising them, playing with the changes in life, love and decorating and have a deeper understanding of the woman I am or was (depending on if I am still around when they decided to read my posts)
    Life is too short to not just have a great time living it.


  6. Keep up the good work. This happens to all of us at one point or another. Some people are just sensitive and some aren’t at all. How are we suppose to know? The right thing to do is just apologize, take it down, and move on. To bad though, because whatever it was must have been pretty cool. It’s sad we cannot still enjoy it.

  7. I heard what happened and I don’t think what you did was particularly wrong. Why did you take the post down? Were you threatened? Is there really anything to threaten a person with here on the internet? Just curious.

    • I am curious how you heard what happened? Anyway I took it down because the person asked me to…I certainly have no desire to upset anyone over a silly picture. I feel if the post had been all about how lovely the room was (which I did talk about that) and not the white possibly being hard to keep with young children, she wouldn’t have been upset. Oh well, live and learn. I just went to your blog and it is great, I loved it!!!

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