I love my daughter~

I have written blogs showcasing my grand-babies, my son and his girlfriend, even my husband (who really wants to be left out), my best friend and of course tons of decorating…..but somehow I haven’t said a lot about my daughter.  I probably haven’t done this because I honestly wouldn’t know where to start. She is a truly amazing person. She is my best friend, my confidant, my conscience, my everything. Not a day goes by that we don’t talk or at least text several times. We laugh, cry, gossip, shop, worship, decorate, problem-solve, cook, clean, re-model, re-evaluate and commiserate TOGETHER! She is the one that when I ask if my butt is too big for theses pants…she answers honestly. Is this hair cut too old lady? She will tell me. She is never hateful or harsh but I know she will be truthful.

We have so much fun together just meeting at our favorite stores or talking about our favorite subject….her babies! Could life be any sweeter?

She is the best mother, wife, sister, friend, and daughter in the world. She is honestly beautiful…beautiful physically but most of all beautiful inside.  Not a day goes by that I don’t thank the Lord for blessing me with her!! We have survived so much together.

Thank you Lord for my precious daughter. You are the very air I breathe!


8 thoughts on “I love my daughter~

  1. she has a great mother….such a sweet mom and daughter you two are, it has always made me want a daughter.

    And in this photo your hair is very pretty.

  2. Thank the good Lord he did bless us with daughters. What would we do without them. Summer is a blessing and so is my sweet little angel, Chelsea.

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