A little Spring in my step….

The last few days I have been under the weather with some kind of bug. I actually went to the doctor and he frankly had no idea what I had other than just something that is going around. So today I am feeling a little better but (under orders from my hubby) should not over do it.  So I thought I would share my little “spring up” I did to my house last week during another unusual snow day in West Texas!

It really was beautiful...

I started with my antique bar and added gardening books and some green bottles and flowers.

Then moved to the coffee table and used gardening books again and an outdoor vase with white hydrangeas.

Added this vase (that my daughter really wanted but kindly let me buy) to my fireplace mantle.

A couple of bright pillows……a little nest…

Moved some things around and added a vase or two…

…added a burlap runner…

I think this pot should be cream or white…..so the sun is out…think I feel like painting a little.

What do you think? I can paint it brown again this fall….

Oh and I moved it to my kitchen island from my dining…should I distress? I couldn’t decide.

…and finally my new favorite thing.  My hubby gave me $$ for my birthday and I bought this great clock!

I love, love, love it but have honestly had a hard time finding a place to put it in my house.

So goodbye Blues Brothers..it was past time….

It is supposed to be in the 60’s for the rest of the week here so everyone especially my sweet little Mai…GET WELL!!!!


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