Feeling kinda blue…

The last few weeks have been cold, snowy, and rainy.

I have a major case of cabin fever!

Can I just say one thing? Snow, snow go away!!

I haven’t used much blue in my house in years and years

but I have a feeling I will soon.

At least a splash of blue here and there.

Here are a few blue rooms that make my heart go pitter patter!!

I love padded headboards and I actually know how to make them. Let me know if you ever need help.

I would love this in my guest room...hmmmm......


5 thoughts on “Feeling kinda blue…

  1. I painted our 5m x 5m bedroom at our Sheep station in remote Western Australia with Angel Blue by Dulux and it was very similar to your guest bedroom idea. All the trimming were white, not at all practical for the Australian red dirt but a bit of glam at the same. Unfortunately due to drought we are not longer on the sheep station now I have built my own online home decor store following my passion called The House Queen.

  2. I think the guest room is wonderful. And I agree with sum pic #5 is a fav.
    I have not had time to sit and figure out how to download photos on the new computer , but I can’t wait till I can….. it is gonnnna be fun.

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