Dear Pottery Barn,

Oh how I love you!  The truth is…I desire you! NO I hate you! This love affair must end but you know I am not strong enough!  I thought I had forgotten about you but as spring approaches I love you more! Why, why, why are you not here? Why must I see you only in pictures? I have tried to replace you and occasionally I find another that reminds me of you….but alas you are the best. My husband gets suspicious just as I plan to bring you here and I cancel the trip, the cost is just too high.  So for now we must part, but I will cherish your pictures and try to reinvent the memories as I continue to search for another that has your qualities. Oh I will dream of the day when we can truly be together.

With undying love and passion,

Your lover

PS: Here are our pictures that have touched my heart…..

Oh how I love you...let me count the ways......


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