Dear Pottery Barn,

Oh how I love you!  The truth is…I desire you! NO I hate you! This love affair must end but you know I am not strong enough!  I thought I had forgotten about you but as spring approaches I love you more! Why, why, why are you not here? Why must I see you only in pictures? I have tried to replace you and occasionally I find another that reminds me of you….but alas you are the best. My husband gets suspicious just as I plan to bring you here and I cancel the trip, the cost is just too high.  So for now we must part, but I will cherish your pictures and try to reinvent the memories as I continue to search for another that has your qualities. Oh I will dream of the day when we can truly be together.

With undying love and passion,

Your lover

PS: Here are our pictures that have touched my heart…..

Oh how I love you...let me count the ways......


Australia Bound

My son’s girlfriend surprised him with a trip to Australia for his Christmas gift.

She took pictures while he was opening his surprise. He has dreamed of going there since he was a little boy.

All I have to say about these pictures is ….”PRICELESS!”

Reading the letter she wrote him....

Opening the gift basket....



The adorable basket...


Guess what....they are going to Australia!!!

My 2010 Hope List

2010…two thousand and ten, or twenty ten… is here!

I seriously can not believe it is 2010.

Man am I old or what? So did you make any resolutions? This year I didn’t. Instead I just thought I would just hope. So here are my “hopes” for 2010…

what are yours?

I hope (and pray) that my best friend PK becomes cancer-free in 2010.

I hope that my family is happy and healthy.

I hope that I can always see the glass half full instead of half empty.

I hope that I will be a better wife, mother, grandmother, and friend.

I hope that I will eat healthier and exercise more.

I hope that I laugh more and cry less.

I hope that my husband’s business does well…if not…he figures something else out.

I hope that we make life fun.

I hope that we have an early spring.

I hope that my creativity blooms…

….and last but not least….hehe

I hope that Gerald Myer’s has to resign!!!!!