A New Year is on its way….

Christmas is over and it was wonderful. This year was extra special for several reasons! Of course, our 2 precious grand-babies made it so fun. Mai was just so excited about Christmas and Jax was just learning the whole concept. Being with them and watching them experience the holidays was a blessing. Our daughter and son in law moved into a new home recently and we enjoyed spending part of the holidays with them in their lovely house! We are so proud of and for them!!

Mai and Jax in her new jeep...she was a little scared and thought it would be "loud."

Our son is so happy and we got to enjoy spending the holidays with the reason he is so happy….his girlfriend Kasey. She is an amazing girl and he is so in love and happy because of her.  She had a huge surprise for him this Christmas and we all were waiting anxiously to see his reaction. So on Wed, Dec 23 she couldn’t wait any longer and gave him his gift. She is taking him to Australia in March. Yes! Australia! He has dreamed of going there since he was a little boy. He is walking on air. He called at midnight after receiving the surprise! He was in shock and so very touched.  I have prayed for his future mate for years and years.

Yes, I think she is the one. Thank you Lord!!

Finally it was special because for the first time in years it SNOWED!!!

from our front window...

Now comes down the decorations and I always like the way the house feels.

It is almost empty feeling but so clean. I always wonder what I had on this table and on that shelf.

Now you all know what happens….

I want it to be spring!!!

There are several months of cold, wintry weather left (we are expecting more of the white stuff tonight)

so I will try to stop myself from thinking of planting flowers and of green, green grass.

Now I have a project and I need your help! A week before Christmas we had our old television taken down and a carpenter filled in the space.

The guys hung a new flat screen TV above the fireplace. Now there is no room for decor!! Help, I need ideas! It needs something BAD!!!! Ideas?

FYI: the mantle is very narrow (like 4 inches wide on each end!)

So boring..nothing fits below and it can't have a big base...whatever "it" is!

I was thinking it needs something tall like maybe a topiary….I found these today. Not really into fake ivy. It is still so empty looking.

Is less REALLY more???? Help!!!

Still so boring...don't you think?


7 thoughts on “A New Year is on its way….

  1. I read a blog called “Bless our Nest”. She had a similar problem with a very narrow mantle. Her dad and husband added to their mantle or something and made it wider so that she was able to decorate it better. I wish I had a link to that post, but that is something to think about doing. What about a lamp up there? Lamp on one side, 2 topiaries on the other? One set up on books to make it a little taller?

  2. Oh, had another idea.
    You know those metal, cone-shaped forms that are for gardens? Kind of like the thing that goes around a tomato plant? They sell them in black at hobby lobby. They are narrow at the base and might be cool up there. You could paint them and distress them, maybe fill them with some fun wicker balls or something?

    • The only thing about a lamp is the base is too big and nowhere to plug it in. I will go to Hobby Lobby and look…honestly I am worried the base will be to big. I love books and will try that but this is a majorly narrow space!! Thanks for the ideas….keep looking gal!!


  4. Hmmm…I like the idea of adding to the mantle to make it deeper. Then you would have lots of options. You might also want to add some depth with paint. Maybe a darker cooler where behind the TV?

    • I don’t know if Greg will go for adding to it right now. I had thought about painting. Do you think just the area behind the TV?

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