Christmas Decor on a dime~

A friend asked me the other day how I can afford to spend so much $$ on Christmas decor and buy gifts this time of year. I totally cracked up! I DO NOT spend big bucks, if hardly “any” bucks on Christmas decor. Most of my stuff I have had for years. I seriously have NEVER bought a centerpiece. I use what I have and then add inexpensive things to it. Walmart is a great place to buy balls etc if you are in need of a change. Never forget TJMaxx…..never! Back in an older post, I showed the picture of  ice skates in my tree……TJMAXX!

For example, I am really into the new green so I picked up a large box of balls at Walmart for $5. I mixed them in with some older items I have had for years, put in them in this case with a (empty) wine bottle and…..instant decor.

Pine cones, pine cones, pine cones….keep your pine cones. They are great way to decorate and are free or almost free. I can never have enough. You can use them everywhere. On your tree, in glass vases, on trays, in baskets……when you are in the mountians make time to load up!

Cranberries….you can pick them up fresh at the grocery store or buy artificial. However, they are a lot cheaper fresh. I use them everywhere.

These I poured into a little bird dish….simple!

These are mixed with dried magnolia pods....go to the park you will be surprised what you find!

Re-paint things or spray with snow. You know the $1 can of flock at Wally World can make all the difference in the world. I also am not afraid to re-paint anything. Give me a can of spray paint…watch out world!

Not only did I re-paint this old beverage holder, it is filled with green bottles of sparkling water....which you can actually drink!! It is so easy.

My tree has been basically the same now for several years. I like a really natural looking tree so I use pine cones, birds, cranberries, and spray with canned snow. These sweet little birds came from Hobby Lobby in the dried natural area (I got them half off…4 or more to a package.)  I love signs so I got these “Let it snow” signs several years ago for about $8 each.

Snow…you know the bagged snow. Put it in a glass apothecary jar or vase and top with flowers or ornaments…..look at this great idea!

Check out these thrifty decorating ideas from some very creative people!

…and finally, for me it is ALL about the gift wrapping paper. I search and search to find exactly the right look.

This year I went a little funky. Hobby Lobby 1/2 off……

Now, use what you have and even invite a friend over to help. Another person may see your old stuff in a new light!!

Remember….Jesus is the reason for the season!

Merry Christmas, ya’ll!


4 thoughts on “Christmas Decor on a dime~

  1. everything looks so precious! i wish i would have bought my wrapping paper at hobby lobby. i got mine at kohls and it keeps tearing:( next year i will have to remember!

    • Heather I bought some at Walmart to wrap the grand babies in and it is awful! So thin it tears and I have tape all over the gifts! This HL paper is thick, has lines for straight cuts…amazing. More than worth the money!

  2. Great ideas …always so creative …and fun……I love seeing your ideas…inspiring me to think outside the box.

    I loved talking with you twice yesterday!

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