Christmas Fever

What is my problem? I am dreaming of decorating for Christmas! I took down the Halloween decorations today and I am sooo ready for Christmas!!! For the first time in several years I am not cooking for Thanksgiving, so I may be putting up my tree really early this year…especially if we get some cold weather!! My biggest problem is that I am wanting to change things up….oops….I need inexpensive decorating ideas! If you find sites with good Christmas home tours please send them this way!!! (By the way, if anyone is wanting to sell or get rid of a 7-8 ft Christmas tree, I know my daughter would be interested!)

Check out these Christmas decorating ideas…see if you get the fever!



My Daughter bought this little tree for me at Pottery it!!



I am into white....wish I could grow paperwhites!


I love to use inexpensive decorating idea.


This would be cute on my daughter's kitchen shelves!




How cute is corks, a white plate, the date...simple!!




4 thoughts on “Christmas Fever

  1. if it makes you feel any better at all, my hubby, kiddos, and i were talking about when we are putting up christmas decor too. i am just about ready. especially b/c i love seeing the kids faces. i can’t wait! we are thinking the weekend of the 21st of november. we’ll see though.

  2. I am hoping to put up my stuff a little earlier this year too! I think 4 weeks is just not enough time for all of the beauty. It takes me several days to get it all done, so not sure when I’ll start, but I’m itching for it!

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