It’s Fall Harvest Time!

I love the Fall! Maybe part of the reason is that I am from a family of farmers and this is the time of year that all their hard work pays off. Nothing is more beautiful than rows and rows of white cotton ready to be harvested!! At least in my eyes!!!


One of my favorite blogs, Hooked on Houses, is hosting a Fall Harvest Home tour so I just couldn’t resist. If you have never visited this blog, you are missing out! If you love touring homes, you will be in home tour heaven! So here is a little peek of some of our home and when you finish head on over to Hooked on Houses and tour the other lovely spaces!! Thanks for stopping by!!


DSCF5452The weather is so gorgousĀ  this time of year! I love being outdoors!


I love containers and I won or actually fought for this black iron finial at a Chinese Christmas in our neighborhood.


I use these for every season. I am always on the “hunt” for something natural to fill them with.


Obviously, I don’t make cakes!



I love burlap and I am into white pumpkins.



…and now…just because it is my blog..a sneak peek of what my daughter and I are working on…..


Two of the cutest little pirates we know…not quite finished with the costumes yet but are they precious or what??


It’s hard being fancy in a un-fancy world!

We had our grand babies for 4 days this week while their mom and dad recovered from the stomach flu and ran to Dallas to buy some new furniture. It has been a crazy week with Peepaw getting the bug and sweet little Jax falling in the garage and having to go to the ER and ending with me getting the nasty bug! Needless to say I haven’t had time to clean up since the babies went home. So today, I crawl out of bed, glad to be alive and go to the grand babies bedroom and I just cracked up!!! This is what I found…..DSCF5439

Even an ugly brown truck can be ...fancy!

Even an ugly brown truck can be ...fancy!

She worked all week trying to make everything fancy…she even had her Uncle Kade wear earrings (didn’t get a picture of that) and she tried with her little brother, but it didn’t last. It hard being fancy when you have a very un-fancy family….but she keeps trying!