Our baby is 4!

Can it be possible? Our precious granddaughter is 4 years old today! She is the sweetest and happiest little thing! She had a big ice cream sundae party Sunday at her house. She was cracking us up the whole afternoon with her excitement. When I would take a picture she would stop, turn and say “cheese” flash a smile and move on to more important things! She went from birthday girl to princess in a flash…..check out some of the pictures!








During the excitement, sweet little Jax enjoyed eating all the leftover ice cream and playing with the truck that his Paw bought him.





4 thoughts on “Our baby is 4!

  1. she looks absolutely adorable! i love her little pig tails like that:) how is she 4 already? please tell me????
    and jax is getting so big! tell all of these babies to slow down and stop getting so big:(

  2. So sweet! Love the pic of her and handsome uncle. Jax looks so big too! I agree with Heather, they need to SLOW down!

    Please post pics of Summer’s house soon!

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