Lead paint poisoning or just “old”?

old-hag-small1Well, after researching lead paint and discovering it was banned in 1978…I have come to the sad conclusion that I am just old and tired!!! I also have decided if Greg and I ever move it will be to a brand, spanking new house. I am so excited for my “young” kids but I don’t think I could do this again (unless I hire someone!!!) Seriously, I haven’t minded any of the work but today I decided that something must be seriously wrong with me. My adorable hubby explained it to me.  I am not as young as I think I am!! So I am old and that makes me so sad!!!

The house is about there, if we EVER get the kitchen done. I am not a vindictive person BUT I could kick that girl’s little or BIG a** for doing the stupid things she did! She painted all the cabinets….yes without sanding and covered oil based paint with “cheap” latex so they are peeling off in strips!!! She is (was) a strange person. She has never forwarded her mail so it is still coming to Summer’s house…hmmm…a $12,000 roof replacement check! I think she is a nut case and I have grown to dislike her more and more!!! Ok I am finished venting.  Now if you want to see a sneak peek please visit my precious daughter’s blog at picklesandapples.com. She is so loving her house and it is a great house!!! We just want to decorate and decorate and decorate NOT paint and clean!!

Oh… and please pray for my old bones!!!


3 thoughts on “Lead paint poisoning or just “old”?

  1. it will all get done in due time. try not to kill yourself in the process. marc and i are still working on ours, and it’s been 2 years.

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