Creeped Out…too

Well, my daughter posted her creeped out story on her blog so I thought I would add mine. Here are the things that scare me the most and some that creep me out!

  1. Someone taking my grandbabies…seriously, I am insane about this. When they stay the night I double check all doors and windows, shut the doors to the bedroom that you could take a short cut through if you got into the house. I put a monitor in the hallway …yes so I can hear them but mostly to hear the kidnapper! I also sometimes put a random chair in the path so they might trip and wake me! I get up like 5 times a night to check on them. Oh and you should see me at the mall! I am insane about holding their hands and stroller!!!
  2. Not being able to get to someone I love that needs me. Ok this is crazy but like they really, really need me and my car won’t start or my legs are broken or whatever. Now this must be hereditary because my little mom had osteoporosis and could barely walk must less drive and refused to sell her car. Now she NEVER drove but insisted on keeping her car just in case one of her kids or grandkids needed her and she would be able to get to them!!! Like she could have saved us?!
  3. Rattlesnakes! Enough said. But like the really creepy cockroach story that my daughter mentioned on her blog….I have an even CREEEEPIER rattlesnake story. Funny……it all happened while married to my first husband…..hmmmm….interesting!
  4. Someone living in my basement. Ok this is really weird because I am not terribly scare-dy about staying by myself. I was single for years but something about this basement. When my son lived here for a while, he basically lived in “the hole” as he called it. He teased me (I hope) that a lady ghost named ..Delilah….lived down there. So I will occasionally go down and think…who moved the chair over there or who left the air hockey table on? Is someone living down there and one night I will wake up and he (she) will be standing over me???? C r e e p y !!!!
  5. Waking up and someone is standing over me watching me sleep…………………

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