My Thanks X’s 10

A sweet friend posted Thanks X’s 10 on her blog to help her focus on the positive things in life.  So here the things I am grateful for today….can I stop at 10?! What are you grateful for today?


  1. All my children and grandbabies live here and are happy and healthy.
  2. My husband loves me.
  3. I have a garden and 6 tomatoes!
  4. Flowers make me happy!
  5. My daughter is my best friend
  6. My best friend is like my sister.
  7. I have several best friends.
  8. My son likes to hang out with me.
  9. My grand-daughter loves to play with me.
  10. I have turtles and they come to the back door for me to feed them!


Oh and of course I couldn’t stop at 10…….

11.  A little family of mallards have made our yard their home. We feed them bread every night and the husband mallard always lets his little prego wife eat first. Ahh…..true love!!



4 thoughts on “My Thanks X’s 10

  1. so cute turtles
    I am so glad we enjoy flowers maybe I will run across you at the garden center.
    Hey I noticed that you have a blog archive of 3 months now ~~~my how time flies seems like just a couple of months ago you were a blog newbie

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