Deals of the day

Actually, deals of the past week! I have been watching these tin nesting boxes at Dillard’s for probably 3 months. The original price was absurd…$140, $120, & $100 ea!! Then they went 50% off….not enough. Then 75% off….still too pricey. Finally, last week Dillard’s advertised “take an additional 40% off of sale items”.  I doubted that they were still there but THEY WERE!!! So I got all 3 sizes, regularly $360 for about $50!!!!!!!! I am not re-finishing them now but might this fall. They are distressed, crackled and sooooo cool!! Do they look similar to the Pottery Barn boxes for $299????


Look familar...$299!!!!

Look familar...$299!!!!

Think I should paint mine and do the numbers??

You know how I love, love, letters….my sweet friend found these for me at Tuesday Morning! Love them!!!


Finally…..we have laughed and laughed about this! Have you got the emails with the picture of a cake at Walmart where the employee wrote exactly what the customer said on the cake? Well, this is pretty close. My son told them to put a peace sign on the cookie cake….apparently they didn’t know what a peace sign really looks like!!!

Is this a peace sign? hehehehe.........

Is this a peace sign? Upside down I guess!!! hehehehe.........


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