Life…it just happens!

I spent this past week with my best friend. When I say best friend I use this word lightly. She is my sister as much as if we had the same mother. Funny thing about us, we can go over a year without seeing each other and when I get there, I am at home. I guess that is the way it is when you really love someone. I went to see her so she wouldn’t be alone while her husband was out of town and to be with her when she started her first day of chemo.  Even though I went for a yucky reason, as usual, she was so much fun and her normal crazy self. She doesn’t know a stranger and I remember thinking how friendly everyone there was….then I realized it was just her. We didn’t go into a store (and we went into a lot!) that we didn’t leave almost knowing everyone in the place. She is amazing! We took her “baby” shopping with us all day Tuesday (see below) and everywhere we went she was  the center of attention. Then when we went to the doctor, she had the Oncology nurses almost believing we had a margarita machine in the car! She is a nut! So far she has tolerated the chemo very well…..YEAH!

The last night I was there,  we met her daughter and boyfriend for dinner and they ordered her a birthday cake and we all sang her happy birthday..except it wasn’t her birthday….it was happy first day of chemo….the first day of the rest of her life!


This is her little "Harley"!

This is her little "Harley" dog!

While I was gone my sweet grand babies and their mommy all were sick. I drove straight to their house to find my sweet babies looking pitiful and so extremely sick. My daughter is such an amazing mom, she had gone without sleep just caring for babies night and day and didn’t even realize that she was extremely ill. I was so worried, I prayed on and off all night for Little Miss Mai, Jaxy, and mommy.  Thank the Lord they are all on the mend! They had to cancel little Jax first birthday party but he won’t care as long as he has his mommy……he was pretty glad to see his Gigi too!

Poor baby girl!

Poor baby girl!

I can't believe our baby will be ONE this week!!!!!!!

I can't believe our baby will be ONE this week!!!!!!!

Isn’t it funny how things seem to all happen at the same time… is just life and isn’t life truly wonderful?!!!!


5 thoughts on “Life…it just happens!

  1. i’m so happy that u got to hang with my mom! i know she loved it!!!
    bummer that you didn’t get to meet my littlest one though, & that i didn’t get to see you!


  3. NO you are a dork….my favorite dork! And there is nothing wrong with tears, they are cleansing. As Mai Mai would say, I love you bestest!!!!

  4. I love that PK too. She could make friends with a brick wall. We survived, barely. Just kidding, I was actually handling it all great until you came home, then I fell apart 🙂

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