Happy Birthday, Daddy!

On Easter Sunday, April 12, 1925, my daddy, Van E. Alderson was born. Every Easter he would tell us the story that when he was born his ears were so big that they thought he was the Easter bunny! I would giggle and giggle! I can’t believe that it has been almost 12 years since he went to heaven.

Some days I struggle to remember my dad. Little things like his face, his manner….and I get scared that I will forget.  Today as we celebrate Easter with our family my heart aches knowing this is another holiday without our parents. Yet as I look around I know that they are with us and I totally remember my dad. How could I forget? My brother is my dad. His looks, his manner, his farming skills….is like my dad. When I look at our children I see my dad’s brilliant blue eyes shining up at me. My dad’s eyes were sooo blue it was almost unbelievable. My brother and I have them, our children, and now our grandchildren. I also realize that some of our kids have his big ears, although the girls cover them with hair, my son has to embrace them. Although much taller, my son has his  jawline, build and as he gets older his work ethic.

Awww…daddy you are with me everywhere I look! Even as I look out the back of my brothers home, I see the farmland. . .the land my brother farms, you farmed and your father farmed. I love the land. I get a lump in my throat every time I see the improvements we have made and I know you would approve.

Today we tell our grandchildren the Easter story, the story of our precious savior’s death on the cross and how He arose.  We rejoice that HE IS ALIVE! I know that because of His sacrifice you and mom are in heaven smiling down on us. You are here with us! We will see  you again one day!

Thank you for being a wonderful example and leaving a legacy of love to each of us. I can just see you and mom tonight doing a waltz to the music of your favorite song…..sung by the heavenly choir.  I am going to tell the story of how the day you were born your parents thought you were the Easter bunny…can’t wait to hear the giggles from your great-grand babies!!!

sc0001922fHappy Easter Mom & Dad and Happy Birthday Daddy!


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