Do you ever get overcome by things…things that seem so important at the time but in the scheme of life mean nothing? For instance, maybe you are remodeling or building a house and you are trying to match the faucets to the lights to the towel holders? Maybe you have a party and need a perfect outfit, you shop every store in town and nothing seems to work? You are possessed, it is all you talk about… don’t sleep because this seems so important! We have all been there!
Then in only one little second everything changes. Maybe you got a phone call and someone you love is in trouble or needs you. Immediately, all of the material things in life don’t matter, you could care less about the faucets or the dress. Nothing matters but that person.  It is all about Perspective.
Today I don’t care if my faucets match, if I have the perfect dress or if my house is clean.  I am going to spend some needed time with the Lord. Then I’m going to forget my daily duties and visit with my friends, talk to my husband, laugh with my kids and hold my grand babies close.
A friend who knows my heart gave me these sweet words:

Promises from Gods Word:

God is.

God is in control.

God is always good.

Nothing can happen to us, His children, without His consent.  We belong to Him.

God is faithful.  No one who trusts in the Lord will be put to shame.

Nothing can separate us from the love of the Father that is in Christ Jesus.

No weapon which is formed against us will prosper in the end.

God is always victorious!

Hug, cuddle, love and lean on the ones in your nest!


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