Am I my mom?

We used to laugh about the things my mom would say…like Walmark,  KMark, Shags (for Skaggs Albertsons…do you babies even remember this store?), she had an “optimistic” Christmas tree instead of an fiber-optic tree, couldn’t say the name came out CALVIN, and hundreds of other things that I would roll my eyes at. Well…..the old saying ….what goes around, comes around…It rings true!!!

I was telling my very smart alec daughter about my son’s MY SPACE account and in the email I got confused and wrote…...SPACEBOOK!!!!!! Oh my, they (meaning her and her husband) thought it was so funny they laughed so hard they couldn’t talk…tears in their eyes…even when she was telling me she couldn’t get the words out. This is her exact words, “we could just hear Granda saying….oh my, those kids are on that….SPACEBOOK thingy on the internet!”  Then breaking back into uncontrollable laughter!!!!

I AM NOT OLD!!!!  I repeat……I AM NOT OLD!!!!!

Then only minutes later we are talking about her dad joining the gym and she is wondering if the trainer set him up on a work-out plan. I tell her that they want him to start slow…20 minutes of CARDIAC………….cracking up she says “CARDIO!

What the heck……..I am my mom and tomorrow I am looking for the nearest Shag’s to buy a new Optimistic Tree!!!!!!!

Watch out kids… are next!


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