Hello world! I’m a blogger???

Welcome to my blog!  This was a BIG, no, enormous step for me. You see I love blogs, as a matter of fact I am a “blogstalker!”  Late at night when I can’t sleep I cruise around from one blog to another and before I know it….well it is time to get some sleep. So with encouragement from my daughter who is a computer guru and graphic designer (how intimidating!) I decided I would blog. I mean what the heck, who’s gonna read it anyway!  Right???

So here is the deal. I am going to show you some of the things I love and love to do. I do not think that I know more about decorating, gardening, etc than the next gal, I am just sharing ideas. Everyones home is just that …theirs… and I believe a home is supposed to reflect who they are not how much they spend. Next, I am going to TRY not to bore you with constant pictures of my adorable grand babies. So I will limit this to once a week or so.  Although, I will go ahead and clear the air on that subject. My grand babies are without a doubt the smartest and most beautiful babies EVER born. So if you think you know of any that are cuter or smarter…well you are just wrong! Cruise on to another blog. hehehe

Seriously, I believe laughter, hugs (and especially prayer) can cure all things so I hope I can bring you a smile or help you find a creative outlet to get you through a rough patch. Even better….maybe you can do these things for me! So give me a few days and let me figure this blogging thing out…….until then….Gigi


2 thoughts on “Hello world! I’m a blogger???

  1. The new year is on the horizon and you have been doing a great job blogging for almost a year now…. who would have thougth you had so much to say? I have loved your photos and thoughts this year. Happy New Year !
    Love you

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